List of Mario’s books:


SECTION I – Encyclopedia of Philosophical and Social Sciences


1. Philosophy and Worldview

2. Logic and Dialectic

3. Psychology

4. Theory of Knowledge (Gnosiology and Criteriology)

5. Ontology and Cosmology

6. Treatise of Symbolic

7. Philosophy of Crisis

8. Man in the Presence of the Infinite

9. General Noology: The Science of the Spirit

10. Concrete Philosophy, 3 volumes




11. Concrete Philosophy of Values

12. Fundamental Sociology and Fundamental Ethics

13. Pythagoras and the Theme of Number

14. Aristotle and Changes (translation and commentary of The Generation and Corruption of Physical Things, by Aristotle)

15. The One and the Multiple in Plato (translation and commentary of Parmenides, by Plato)

16. Logical and Dialectical Methods, 3 volumes

17. Philosophy of Affirmation and Negation

18. Treatise of Economics, 2 volumes

19. Philosophy and History of Culture, 3 volumes

20. Analysis of Social Issues, 3 volumes

21. The Social Problem

22. Dictionary of Philosophy and Cultural Sciences

23. Origins of the Great Philosophical Errors

24. Greatness and Miseries of Logistics

25. Errors in Philosophy of Nature

26. Categories of Aristotle (translation, notes and comments)

27. Isagoge, by Porphyry (translation, notes and comments)

28. Protagoras, by Plato (translation, notes and introduction)

29. The Book of Revelation



30. Comments to St. Bonaventure

31. Three Critics to Kant

32. Commentary on “The olden Verses” of Pythagoras

33. Christianity, the Religion of Man

34. Tao-Te-Ching, by Lao Tzu (translation and commentaries)


Unfinished Fragments

35. Philosophy and Romanticism

36. Brazil, a Country of Exception

37. St. Thomas and Wisdom – and other unpublished lectures

38. Enneads, by Plotinus. Translation

39. De Primo Principio, by John Duns Scotus. Translation.

40. On Interpretation, by Aristotle. Translation.




41. The Wisdom of Principles

42. The Wisdom of Unity

43. The Wisdom of Being and Nothingness, 2 volumes.

44. The Wisdom of Eternal Laws.



45. Concrete Dialectics

46. Treatise of Schematology

47. General Theory of Tensions

48. God.



SECTION II – Various Books

1. The Social Problem

2. Course of Oratory and Rhetoric

3. The Man Born Posthumously: Nietzschean themes

4. Thus Spoke Zarathustra. Translation

5. Modern Discourse Techniques

6. Practices of Oratory

7. Course of Personal Integration

8. A Dialectic Analysis of Marxism

9. Several Pages

10. Thus God Spoke to Mankind

11. Life is Not an Argument

12. The House of Cold Walls

13. Listening in Silence

14. The Truth and the Symbol

15. Art and Life

16. The Conflict of Contraries

17. Certain Human Subtleties

18. Invitation to Aesthetics

19. Invitation to Practical Psychology

20. Invitation to Philosophy

21. Dictionary of Education and Puericulture, 3 volumes

22. Vertical Invasion of the Barbarians

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  1. Thank you For your efforts in making this information available to the English speaking world but can you please indicate how is it possible to access this publications?


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