Law of Transcendental Unity, or Law of Denary (Tenth Law)  

All things that are integrated to the Whole follow the path of Goodness – which is transcendental – towards the transcendental unity, the Unity above all things, which is the matrix, the source of all things, the Supreme Being, which, in turn, is the Law of laws, the Logos of logoi, the law of Transcendental Unity, the law that rules over all things aspiring to the Supreme Goodness.

Conclusion of the Laws of Decad

All those laws are simultaneous in their “acting over all things”, whether we are conscious of it or not, whether we understand them or not; everything in the universe is ruled by those laws. They are simultaneous because they originate from alpha context and act upon beta context. Things of alpha context are subject to them only up to the law of harmony. They don’t experience evolution, since cannot undergo intrinsic mutations or extrinsic actions. They do no specific leaps, thus not know the law of seven, nor are ruled by the law of eight or the law of nine. They are transcendental to such laws. On the other hand, all ten laws rule over things of beta context.

If we are so keen to stress the subject of those ten laws, is so that they are fully understood and imprinted in our minds, as the word of The Golden Verses of Pythagoras, “(…) in our hearts engraved The Sacred Tetrad, symbol immense and pure”, because from such laws all other laws shall emerge, as the binary laws, the ternary laws, quaternary laws, subjects to our next studies.

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