Law of Superation, or Law of Octonary (Eighth Law)

Book: The Wisdom of the Eternal Laws

Evolution, on its turn, also occurs through levels or mutations, contained within the possibilities of the nature of things. Namely: the thing, in its relations, in its inter-action with others, undergoes mutations, which are corresponding to its form. Such development – still within its form – is the normal evolution, since it is related to modifications that are com-proportionate to its form. However, once the harmony is broken and the thing begins to have another form, i.e., when a corruption happens and the thing becomes the element of a new structure, of a new harmony and acquires another form, we, then, have the phenomenon of assumption, of superation (or overcoming, outdoing), or the law of superior evolution, which is symbolized by the number 8, the law of octonary.

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